Thursday, October 18, 2007

Polish phrases- polish traditional food-pierogi

Polish phrases-traditional dishes. ...... .

Today I will write you few Polish phrases relevant with traditional Polish dishes. This dishes are very popular among tourists visiting Poland.

You can also find this Polish phrases in a menu in the restaurant's and bar's so, try to remember the name's these dishes.

Polish food features many soups, made with mushrooms, broth, and beets. Also Fish dishes are popular, especially in regional Polish traditional food. Carp, pike, perch, eel, and sturgeon are all popular and served in various ways. For desert, Polish meals will include Polish sernik, szarlotka, makowiec (a sponge cake with a poppyseed filling), or kremówka-favorite cake of John Paul II.

I love cooking polish food because it’s easy to cook, I love also eating Polish food especially pierogi and for a desert szarlotkę it’s some king of apple tarts but szarlotka is much more better. I will share with you the greatest and tested by me recipes for a homemade polish food like: pierogi, polish kiełbasę(sausage), bigos, zrazy and many oders.

I read about great international Pierogi Fest organized in Chicago and about Jesus Alvarez, king of all pierogi in Chicago. Link to this article wrote in a Chicago Tribune to,1,2630811.column?ctrack=7&cset=true

Pierogi-dumplings – (is delicious)

Kopytka - hoof-shaped dumplings

kiełbasa- sausage

bigos - hunter's stew

goląbki - stuffed cabbage

Kasza gryczana - buckwheat groats

Placki kartoflane - potato pancakes

Barszcz czerwony - hot beetroot soup

Rosoł z kurczaka- golden chicken soup with noodles

Flaki wołowe- pork tripe

Żurek - sour rye soup with potato, sausage or an egg, sometimes served in a bread loaf, (also very tasty)

Smalec - partially double fried lard. It is often spread over bread and served as an appetizer before dishes.

Szarlotka-apple pie

sernik- cheesecake makowiec- a sponge cake with a poppyseed filling

Naleśniki - omelet’s stuffed with meat and many more things like jam, fruit, etc. very similar to crepes but more thinner. ....... After that Polish phrases I feel hungry, so ......goodbye and Have a nice day



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