Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Polish phrases about love

Romantic Polish phrases

I got a lot of e-mails from you, and you ask about romantic Polish phrases. Therefore today I will give you some Polish phrases about love. Polish Women and Polish Girls are among the most beautiful women in the world so let’s start…

Kocham Cię- I love you

Lubię Cię or podobasz mi się – I like you

Kochasz mnie?- do you love me?

Myślę o Tobie- I think about you

Kręcisz mnie- I have a crush on you

Zawsze bedziesz w moim sercu - you'll be always in my heart

Kocham tylko Ciebie na zawsze- I love only you forever

Proszę, przytul mnie - hug me, please

Jestes moim najlepszym przyjacielem - You are my best friend

Mój kochany- My love

Jesteś bardzo przystojny - You are very handsome man-

Pocałuj mnie - Kiss me

Przytul mnie - Hug me

Marzę o twoim dotyku - I dream of your touch

Pozwól mi być tym jedynym...- Let me be the one...

Pocałuj mnie na dobranoc - Give me A kiss for goodnight

Nie moge żyć bez Ciebie - I cant live without you

Nie chcę Cię stracić – I don’t want to lose you

Nigdy cię nie zapomnę- I never forget you

Jestes taka śliczna - You are very beautiful

Podoba mi się Twój śliczny uśmiech – I like your gorgeous smile

Nie moge żyć bez ciebie - I cant live without you

Tomorrow I will write especially for you Polish phrases about how to ask for a date.

Have fun


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Your wonderful translations are so helpful!

I have a Polish boyfriend, and he loves it when I say some of these phrases to him!

Please keep making more videos =)

Jayme said...

Dziekuje bardzo! My fantastic Polish boyfriend (tygrysku!) adores my attempts at his language...

doug said...

I absolutely love this =) thanks (im half polish yay) do you have an email i could contact you at? Mines trippedoutfish@gmail.com

Dave said...

I am flying my girl friend to the US on Wednesday ... now I can ask her "Czy wyjdziesz za mnie?" ... and even have a hope of saying right! (sort of .. :D:)

Oh, thank you so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very great using a blog to teach people polish!! After 5 minutes of learning I am already starting to speak hello and various terms. It's very hard learning Polish but I am better now than I was 5 minutes ago. I have a polish girlfriend and hopefully we attempt to speak polish together haha :D Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

im only 16 . i have a polish boyfriend :) ofcourse i get silly comments all the time from people. So when i looked at this it really made me smile :) and my boyfriend also loved it ;)thankyou xx

Aniolku said...

dziekuje.. l have a Polish boyfriend. these are great..!!!

Guy said...

I have to agree, Polish women are certainly the most beautiful women in the world. Given my heart to one this Christmas and we've known each other for a while now...man, what a woman:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog. Learnt "I like you" podobasz mi sie. I hope to impress her starting today.I really hope I get to use all these wonderful phrases. Fingers crossed. :)

Anonymous said...

Great work with this site! My lover will hopefully like my Polish and maybe get to know her even better! :D

Anonymous said...

my pronounciation is horrible

Thay said...

I really loved this blog. I'm trying to learn some polish phrases to tell the guy I love. It's really helpful! I can pronounce most of them! Keep posting videos, please. Thank you so much.

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